French toast with summer fruit compote

This is a concoction born out of my desire to use my very ripe peach, some leftover blueberries, and Rainier cherries I had sitting in my fridge.  While very tasty on their own, together they become an aromatic, syrupy compote that wanted nothing more than to sit atop my french toast.

I melted a couple teaspoons of butter in a small saute pan.  When it started to hiss and sizzle, I threw in a handful of fresh blueberries, a smattering of Rainier cherries (unpitted), and a sliced peach.  A spoonful of brown sugar and a puff of cinnamon were next and the smell that emitted from the pan as the scents and flavors married was incredible. 

The blueberries were the first to cave in, letting all their indigo juices out into the sugar/butter mixture.  This created the base for the syrup.  It coated the other fruit until all were tinged with a purple hue.  Once warmed through and slightly softened, I spooned the whole thing over french toast.  Maple syrup, move over!  There’s a new kid in town that is vying for the spotlight on a classic breakfast.  And yes, I did lick the plate!

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2 Responses to French toast with summer fruit compote

  1. Is every morning like this at your house??

    • Actually, this was breakfast for dinner last night. We made eggs, potatoes, and bacon, but I also had some french toast. I couldn’t finish it, so it was breakfast at work this morning. Usually, I only make french toast on Saturdays.

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