A cake by any other name…

Sunshine Cake (aka Mandarin Orange Cake or Pig-Picking Cake)

This cake is a favorite among my extended family.  One look might tell you why, but it’s the taste that is over-the-top simple, yet brilliant.  Extra moist yellow cake layers that are flavored with mandarin oranges are separated by a light and creamy frosting studded with tiny shavings of pineapple. 

A can of mandarin orange segments complete with the juice are whipped into the cake batter, so the segments are indiscernible, but the flavor is front and center.  Not too orangy, not too tangy, but the perfect complement to the pineapple frosting.  Perhaps another name could be added to this list…something like “Citrus Cloud Cake” or “Tropical Dream Cake” – all I can say is that a slice or two (I won’t tell!) is all you need on these hot, scorching summer days.  Go forth and bake! 

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One Response to A cake by any other name…

  1. jo says:

    Sounds great for the summer! Yum!

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