Quest for the best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies (recipe created by Emily of Sugar Plum)

I may have found my Chocolate Chip Cookie guru – the perfect combination of chew vs. crunch, chocolate vs. soft cookie dough.  These have become my go-to choc. chip cookie.  Sorry, Nestle, but you have long since disappointed me and I have moved on.

The beauty of this recipe is in the browning of some of the butter.  I can hardly describe the nutty, caramelly scent and flavor that this step gives to the dough.  It’s out of this world amazing.  Emily from the Sugar Plum blog is extremely talented in creating recipes and this is one that I have adopted into my arsenal.  I have yet to make the candied pecans which I’m sure take these to cloud 10, but even without them, I’m happily sitting atop cloud 9.

The higher ratio of brown to white sugar lends to the nice chew.  These bake up perfectly every time – no melting and spreading like a certain yellow bag’s recipe tends to….but, I digress.  These puff up and maintain their lovely shape.  The edges crisp up just enough to give a satisfying crunch, but then your teeth sink into the soft, just baked cookie dough and melted chocolate.  I like my cookies on the underbaked side and these achieve that while still browning on the outside.  Fantastic.

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2 Responses to Quest for the best Chocolate Chip Cookie

  1. Deb says:

    Oh my word Kris – your descriptions are fantastic! I will definitely be trying this recipe…

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