Mile high banana bread

Sour Cream Banana (sans nuts) Bread (adapted from this recipe at

One thing I love about bananas is their ability to be used at any stage of ripening.  Forgot to eat them while yellow?  No problem, just wait a few weeks until they’re good and black and you have the beginning of a perfect banana bread at your fingertips.  I do not recommend using fresh bananas for banana bread.  They will not have the same depth of sweetness and light texture that comes with age.

I received new loaf pans for my birthday and I had no idea what I was missing with my old pans!  This loaf not only baked evenly, but got amazing height that I have never seen on my banana bread before.  Enough about the pans, let’s get back to the real star. 

I used less sugar than was called for, maybe 1/4 cup less and the bread was still plenty sweet thanks to the naturally sugary, ripe bananas.  Sour cream adds moistness that can’t be achieved with only the bananas.  It plays off the sweetness with a light tang that is most satisfying.  The top crust gets a candy-like crunch from the caramelized sugars which finishes the soft bread nicely.  An inch thick slice is always a must.

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One Response to Mile high banana bread

  1. Judy Miller says:

    Yes, the older the better the banana bread! I also have found using less sugar works well…anything to try and cut a few calories, right? No time to use the banana? Just pop into the freezer for later use, with or without skin, and they work well!

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