Egg Bagels (via Peter Reinhart and Brown Eyed Baker)

I love, absolutely love, New York bagels.  They are one of the many food items that I miss dearly living here in the South.  So, to satisfy my craving, I made my own.  While not quite as good as real NY bagels, they are definitely good enough to fulfill my craving.  I think they would have been made more authentic if I had been able to find malt syrup – I now know where this illusive ingredient is sold, so next time will be different.

I have made plain bagels before, but for me, an egg bagel is more traditional “plain” fare.  I love the flavor and richness that the yolks impart.  Of course, this wouldn’t be the top choice for someone with high cholesterol, but hey – I’m not there, yet!  Poppyseeds not only add an authentic look, but a much needed flavor to pair with the bagel.  Egg bagels traditionally have poppyseeds, so I had to comply. 

Boiling the bagels in water mixed with a bit of baking soda before baking them is what creates the thicker, crusty exterior while leaving the interior light, yet slightly chewy.  These are not for the faint of heart as they take a little more time than a loaf of bread, but most of the grunt work occurs the day before, leaving you with ready to go bagels to boil and bake in the morning.  Toasted and spread with your favorite flavor of cream cheese (veggie, for me!) -they’re a great way to start the day!

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4 Responses to Bagels!

  1. So complicated… I can’t believe you made these!!

  2. Your bagels look fabulous! So glad you enjoyed this recipe!

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