Curried Stuffed Peppers

Curried Quinoa Stuffed Peppers (adapted from Green Lite Bites)

Quinoa (pronounced “key-nwah”) is the best thing to come along since sliced bread.  Well, maybe not sliced bread, but in the realm of whole grains, it’s top dog.  This powerhouse seed is a complete protein – all 9 amino acids in one tiny package!  But, apparently that wasn’t enough for me, or we are just too carnivorous for our own good. 😉  I added ground turkey and loved how it paired with the delicate quinoa. 

The quinoa is simmered in water spiked with curry, as well as a bevy of sauteed vegetables – onions, carrots, and I added yellow squash since I had it on hand.  Once finished, I tossed it with the browned turkey, added more curry (the turkey addition demanded it!) and stirred in some freshly chopped spinach.  4 veggies including the green pepper which lent itself to being a vessel for the flavorful stuffing, essentially 2 meats due to the quinoa equals one hearty and easy weeknight meal. 

I also had toppings that I added once they were finished cooking: shredded coconut (I LOVE coconut and curry together; match made in heaven!), crumbled bacon, and chopped hardboiled egg.  For me, these toppings elevated this dish from coach to first class.  Serve with a glass of white wine and you’ll be transported to an exotic destination, if only in your mind.

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