Morning Glory…muffins, that is

Whole Grain Morning Glory Muffins (via Whole Foods)

Don’t let the modest, nondescript look of these muffins fool you.  These are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing – so to speak.  Maybe more of a flavorful powerhouse packed into a little paper liner.  Either way, they will tease your taste buds with the orange flecks of carrot, crunch of chopped walnuts, lightly sweet coconut, soft raisins, and chewy apple.  Would you like a little muffin with your trail mix? Yes, please.

Oh-so-moist batter seeps in and surrounds every mix-in.  It’s rather impressive, actually.  Once I made the batter and then saw the amount of additions I had to stir in, I second guessed whether or not it would work.  Believe me, the batter magically coats everything and bakes up perfectly.  These muffins have a shelf life that far exceeds its more cakelike counterparts.  They’re the Twinkies of healthy baking. 

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