Innovative Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast Pizza (adapted from the Big Sur Bakery Cookbook)

Big Sur is such a beautiful, hidden part of California.  The Big Sur Bakery capitalizes on the fresh local scene by using local farmers, dairymen, ranches – you name it – to provide the food with which the chefs create amazingly diverse and creative recipes for the restaurant.  This breakfast pizza is one of many mouthwatering concoctions in this book.

I decided to make this on a whim to use some bacon I had in the fridge, so I did not have time to make my own pizza dough using their recipe.  Next time…  I bought some dough from a local pizza place (yes, most of them sell their dough!) because our grocery store’s fresh dough was gone.  Handstretched thinly onto a baking sheet, the soft dough is covered with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese.  I did not have the good stuff on hand, so I used preground.  It was still delicious.  Next came fluffy shredded mozzarella. It makes the perfect bed for the other toppings – some chopped sweet onion, crisp bacon pieces, and whole cracked eggs right on top of it all. 

I omitted chives since mine looked a bit dry in the pot on my patio, but did utilize my fresh parsley for sprinkling on top after it was out of the oven.  Aside from adding beauty, it gives it a nice touch of “fresh.”  Reminiscent of a breakfast flatbread or open faced sandwich, this pizza is as delicious as it is unusual.  The mozzarella and parmesan meld perfectly together with the dough and hug the onions and bacon, allowing them to impart their flavor to the cheese beneath it all.  The fresh eggs add a change in texture as well as a bit more substance.  On my second pizza, I added some fresh chopped tomato and grated cheddar.  This raised the bar of the original recipe.  It was even better than the first!  (Sorry, there are no pictures of this amended version – I was too busy eating to take any at that point!)

Never underestimate the power of bacon and eggs.  They just might transform your meal into something spectacular.

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3 Responses to Innovative Breakfast for Dinner

  1. Amanda says:

    Eggs on pizza, very interesting! This would be perfect for brunch!

  2. Brilliant web site, I had not noticed before during my searches!
    Continue the good work!

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