Broccoli Cheese Soup, aka Comfort Food

Broccoli Cheese Soup (via Annie’s Eats, an original recipe)

Nothing warms you up from the inside out on a Fall evening quite like a good, hearty soup.   This time around, I decided to give Broccoli Cheese another try.  It’s been years since I first made it.  When I saw this recipe that did not use a ton of cream to finish the soup, I was hooked.  Annie creatively uses a béchamel (yes, it’s better than a cup or more of heavy cream) with cheese added. This technique serves to incorporate the cheese very nicely as well as thicken the soup which at this point is really a chowder. Brilliant.

The cheddar flavor comes through and complements the broccoli perfectly.  I used matchstick carrots that I chopped up a little more, so the pieces were more discreet.  I did purée most of the soup and it was nice and thick.  However, we decided that next time, I should chop my broccoli a little finer and omit the purée step.  Either way, it’s delicious and will make you feel like curling up in a blanket next to a fire (not that we have a fireplace, but that’s beside the point).  We topped the soup with some freshly grated cheddar, just because.  I served this as a main course with garlic knots as a side.  This would be delicious as a small first course if you wanted to make a more elaborate meal for a special occasion or dinner party. 

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One Response to Broccoli Cheese Soup, aka Comfort Food

  1. Amanda says:

    If you ever find the recipe to Jason’s Deli Broccoli Cheese Soup- let me know! It’s my favorite!

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