Ginger Molasses Cookies

Ginger Molasses Cookies (adapted from Ina Garten’s Ultimate Ginger Cookies)

Sparkling sugar envelopes a soft, chewy dough tinged with molasses, ginger, and other autumn spices…the result? Comfort.  I adore ginger snaps as well as a softer molasses cookie.  I adapted this recipe a little bit from Ina’s original. 

I only had light brown sugar, not dark.  I omitted the crystallized ginger, as well.  The dough is very wet and sticky, so I added more flour.  Yes, this changed the texture somewhat, but I really loved the result.  Just underbaked, these retain a nice chew inside and, if left until the next day, soften into little pillows of molasses cookie goodness.  I also increased the ginger by a tad – I wanted it to shine through.  Next time, I’ll try the recipe as written since I seem to have now made them twice without having dark brown sugar. Oops. 

I enjoyed these soft and warm with a nice steaming mug of spiced cider.  Ideal for a lazy weekend afternoon.  The steeped cloves, cinnamon sticks, allspice flavors in the cider were the perfect complement to the spicy sweet ginger cookie.  The added perk of these cookies and the cider is that it made my house smell better than any candle could. 

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