Famous Baked Brownies

Baked Brownies (from Baked cookbook via Brown Eyed Baker)

These brownies are not for the so-so brownie or chocolate fan.  They are serious eats.  Baked is a famous bakery in Brooklyn who are known for these brownies.  Now, to be fair, I have to warn you that homemade brownies are different than boxed brownies.  I like each, but there is a time and place for both.  I will never give up boxed brownies; the ease, flavor, and texture are too hard to duplicate from scratch.  Enter the Baked brownie.  While different from boxed, it is the only homemade brownie I have made that gets a perfect, crackly crust on top.  Trust me, I’ve made many kinds of brownies and that crust is illusive at best…until now. 

The fudge factor of these brownies shoots through the roof.  They are incredibly dense and rich and scream for a glass of milk to be served alongside one.  There are quite a few eggs in this recipe which contributes to the decadent texture and flavor.  I, myself, chocoholic that I am, could only handle a small serving and did not go back for seconds.  Too rich to be made very often, but worth the time for a special occasion such as a Friday night. 😉  Boxed mixes, do not fret.  I will not forsake you as my go-to brownie.  But, when the time calls for something out of the ordinary, these fit the bill.

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