Pecan Pie Shortbread

Pecan Pie Shortbread (Pecan Pie filling via Brown Eyed Baker; Shortbread Crust via The Comfort of Cooking)

I must give you fair warning – these bars are a heavenly hybrid of a classic pecan pie and buttery shortbread and, as such, could take you into such a state of bliss that you momentarily forget that they should be eaten in moderation.  If you love pecans and think they are taken over the top when combined with a warm and gooey sugary filling, then these are for you.

What I loved about this pecan pie filling is that dark brown sugar is used instead of light and the sugar, corn syrup, and butter is cooked gently over simmering water until satiny.  This slightly candied filling is mixed with eggs and then the chopped pecans.  The heat from the mixture immediately begins toasting the pecans and releases an intoxicating aroma.   A generous helping of vanilla extract rounds out the flavor.  The finished product is like pecan pralines on steroids.  A crunchy, candied pecan layer covers the soft and creamy pie filling which settles in over the light and airy shortbread.  Fresh from the oven, these are nothing short of spectacular.  

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2 Responses to Pecan Pie Shortbread

  1. Tim says:

    Darn. I came there to learn about blogging and was captivated by the description of the Pecan Pie Shortbread. Now I have to cook some.
    Great writing, though I don’t know any more about blogging.

    • Thanks! As far as blogging goes, WordPress is a great site with many options to customize the look. I recommend them and I know people who have switched from Blogspot to WordPress, if that helps. Good luck!

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