Light and airy pancakes (GF)

Cornmeal Pancakes (recipe from Gluten-free Mommy)

I have always been a die hard breakfast for dinner fan.  Usually, this included sweet along with the savory.  Since cutting out gluten, I had not yet found a way to have my french toast (or in this case, pancakes) and eat them, too.  I stumbled upon Gluten-Free Mommy and was intrigued by this recipe for cornmeal pancakes. Different, yes, but it made me think of Paula Deen’s recipe for hoecakes which are a cornmeal based hotcake which she fries (who’s surprised??).  I knew I wouldn’t be frying anything, but wanted to give these a shot.

They are made with cornmeal and rice flour and are so delicious! It’s like a lighter version of cornbread, topped with none other than maple syrup.  I added some vanilla to the batter because pancakes and french toast batter are always made better with some vanilla.  Try it, you’ll see.

These pancakes turn out beautifully golden brown and light, yet moist.  It was so nice to eat a pancake that didn’t sit like a brick in my stomach!  My husband enjoyed them as well, and he only craves pancakes once in awhile.  If you’re up for a change in the regular breakfast routine, I suggest you try these.  You can sub regular AP flour for the rice flour, no need to go to the store for that unless you want/need to.   They’re a nice spin on an old favorite. 

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2 Responses to Light and airy pancakes (GF)

  1. Jessica says:

    I have a girlfriend coming to stay with me that has to be GF! I can’t wait to make these for her!

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