Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread

Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread (via Joy the Baker)

For those of you who, like me, enjoy the middle of a cinnamon roll the best, this bread is for you.   For those of you who think that cinnamon rolls look too complex to make which drives you to pop open a lesser canned version, this bread is for you.  The method is brilliant – yes, you have to make bread dough from scratch (but it’s pretty easy and doesn’t even require a mixer!), and you do have to roll it out (it rolls very well and is not sticky to work with), BUT the brilliant strategy is that you spread the cinnamon/sugar/browned butter goodness and then cut the dough into strips.  Stack the strips and cut into squares and stack and put in your loaf pan.   See? Easy.

I even made 2 loaves out of this recipe by cutting the squares into little rectangles and then fit them however I needed to in the loaf pans.  One whole loaf of this would have been massive if I hadn’t split it up.  Of course, my incentive was so that I could give one away and keep one for myself.  😉  I figured I needed to try the new recipe and make sure it was suitable for handing out to others.  And it definitely was…especially fresh from the oven when all the sugar is still caramelly and crunchy. 

Browned butter might be one of the great baking secrets.  Want to add a hint of caramel to your cookies? Brown your butter first.  It’s so simple, yet imparts such deliciously decadent nutty and caramel undertones to the final baked good.  And it makes you look like a star chef.  Nothing bad about that!  Make someone’s day, even if it’s just your own, and make this bread. 

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