Bacon Jam

Bacon Jam (Recipe via Tasty Kitchen member Foodie with Family)

This jam rocked my socks off…and the socks of everyone who had the good fortune to partake of it.  Any recipe that starts off with 3 lbs. of BACON is sure to be a good one, but this was so much better than I even imagined it would be. 

Salty, smoked bacon gets the royal treatment.  A healthy dose of onions and whole garlic cloves become so soft throughout the cooking process, they practically dissolve with a nudge from the wooden spoon.  Real maple syrup and brown sugar caramelize the bacon and make it more like candy than breakfast.  Dark coffee adds depth and complexity to the background flavors while bacon shines in the foreground.  Apple cider vinegar lends a much needed bite that is the perfect counterpart to the sweetness.  Bacon is definitely the star among all the supporting characters, but each one is necessary.  The end result is a flavor that makes your whole mouth rejoice.  Each and every tastebud is activated and enhances the bacon-euphoria.  Eaten plain or on toast with a poached egg, it is simply incredible.

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