The most amazing chocolate peanut butter concoction ever

Triple Layer Sour Cream Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake (via Sky High Cakes)

This cake is the epitome of chocolate peanut butter bliss.  A dark chocolate, sour cream cake is baked into three perfectly moist layers and then is enveloped in a peanut butter cream cheese frosting.  As if that wasn’t enough to make you drool, a chocolate peanut butter ganache is whipped up and then POURED over the cake.  The miracle in this step is that it drips down the sides, then magically stops mid-drip. The effect is a feast for the eyes.

I have made this chocolate cake four times in the past year and it has easily become my favorite chocolate cake ever.  I’ve paired fudgy chocolate frosting with it as well as white chocolate cookies and cream frosting.  It is hands down the best. period.  It’s also the easiest chocolate cake I have ever made (and that’s including boxed mixes!).  It all takes place in one bowl, using a whisk. No pulling out the stand mixer or even a hand mixer here.  Seriously, get this book and you’ll never have to buy a box mix again.  A key to getting a better moisture level and texture to your cakes is to wrap them in plastic wrap after they’ve cooled and put them in the fridge overnight. It transforms them, I promise.

The ganache on top might seem a bit, well, over the top for some of you. (ha).  But, I thought it toned down the sweetness in the frosting instead of adding to it.  I will say that it made a lot of ganache and I didn’t need to use all of it on the cake, but I went for it since I had already poured 90% of it on already. 🙂  When in Rome….

This is a very rich and decadent cake – not to be underestimated.  I made a three layer 8″ cake and a tad over half fed 15 people.  So, when you need dessert for a crowd and no one is allergic to peanuts (the horror!), this is the cake to wow them.  Slice thinly (or not, if you’re alone) and carry a large glass of milk.

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