Bite-Sized Soft Pretzels

Bite-Sized Soft Pretzels (via Bobby Flay)

With the start of the baseball season last month as well as the fact that it’s been awhile since I posted, I thought this would be an appropriate recipe to share…online…because in person, these little morsels don’t last long.

I have to say I am a HUGE fan of soft pretzels. You know the shop in the mall? Yeah, that’s lunch.  Creating them at home satisfies my near-constant craving for a good chewy pretzel and my alter-baker-ego gets to have some fun.

Bite-sized is my new favorite way to both make pretzels and eat them.  They are so much easier to deal with and are the perfect dipping size into tangy yellow mustard.  Perfectly chewy with that quintessential “pretzel” flavor (from the baking soda bath they get before baking), they beg to be eaten by the bowlful.

I attempted two full sized pretzels and while they turned out ok, they were clumsy and awkward.  Not to mention the fact that getting that twist right is NOT as easy as the pro’s make it look.   However, I persevered and I did prevail.  But in the future, I will stick with bite-sized.  And “cheap yellow mustard” as we like to call it, is not just necessary, but required.  Sometimes I swear the pretzel is nothing more than a vessel for the mustard.

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